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Yorkville Sub

Yorkville ES18P Elite Series 18" 1600 Watt Active Subwoofer Powered Sub


Yorkville ES15P Elite Series 15" 1800 Watt Active Subwoofer Powered Sub


Yorkville LS1208 Passive Pro 18" Non-Powered Subwoofer 4000W DJ Sub (Carpet)


Yorkville PS15S 15" 2000 Watts Parasource Powered Subwoofer DJ / Club Active Sub


Yorkville LS2100P Active Pro 21" Powered Subwoofer 3600W Amplified DJ Sub Carpet


Yorkville PSA2S Active DJ/Club Dual 15" Powered Subwoofer Sub 4800W Amplified


Yorkville VTC NS9 Dual 18" Birch Enclosure 2400W 4-Ohm High Output Subwoofer Sub


Yorkville PS12S Active 12" Powered Subwoofer 1800 Watts Class-D Amplified DJ Sub


YORKVILLE ELITE LS2100PB 3600w Peak Active 21" Black Ultrathane Paint Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE PA ELITE E404 15" and 1212 Powered Board JBL Sub


YORKVILLE PARASOURCE PS18S Active 2400w Peak Compact Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE YX18SPC Active 18" YX Series Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE LS200P Active 600w Peak Ultra Compact 10" Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE PARALINE PSA1S Active 2800w Peak Dual 12” Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE PARALINE PSA2S Active 4800w Peak Dual 15” Sub-Woofer


YORKVILLE PARASOURCE PS15S Active 2000w Peak Compact Sub-Woofer


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YORKVILLE PARASOURCE PS12S Active 1800w Peak Ultra Compact Sub-Woofer


Peavey PVXp Sub 15" Powered Subwoofer 850 Watts


VTC PRO AUDIO INCEPTION NS9 Dual 18" 2400w Professional Touring Sub-Woofer


Up for sale is (6) yorkville NX750P sold in pairs! Subs available 100% working!


YORKVILLE PSA1S Sub Cabinets Custom Premium Padded Speaker COVERS (2)


YORKVILLE PS15S Sub PS 15S Sub Premium Padded Black Covers (2) Qty of 1=1 Pair!


Yorkville NX200s Sub Padded Speaker Covers (PAIR)


Yorkville PS15s Sub Padded Speaker Covers (PAIR)


Yorkville LS720P Sub Padded Speaker Covers (PAIR)


Yorkville YX10 SP Sub Padded Speaker Covers (PAIR)


Yorkville PS12s Sub Padded Speaker Covers (PAIR)